Too Many Treasures!

Years of collecting souvenirs, antiques and nick-knacks may add charm to your home, but it can also clutter. It is important to note that when selling your home, potential buyers may not be able to see past your décor to appreciate its true beauty. Some buyers will hardly look at a house because all their attention is being caught by an abundance of antique furniture, oriental rugs and fine art.

Even though your taste may be impeccable, a home can be too full of ‘stuff’, even too well decorated. It is difficult for people to mentally imagine placing their own furniture into a home when it is cluttered, or filled with lots of fine collectibles.

So what can you do as a seller? Remove things. Pack some things up and put them in the attic, basement or into storage – make the house look more spacious. Every area in your home will look better half-full – even your closets. Take out half the clothes in your closet and remove half the small appliances littering your kitchen counters, you’ll be surprised how much better your house will look. Even a fridge full of magnets can be distracting. Granted many people can see beyond your treasures, but some can not. Another good reason to ‘de-clutter’ is for the REALTORS®. Real estate agents really enjoy ‘showing’ homes that are bright and spacious – the more showings you have, the more likely you’ll sell your home. Remember, what you want to show is your home, not your family’s treasures!