East 1/2 30-11-21 WPM | SOLD

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E 1/2 30-11-21W is six miles south of Rivers, MB, one mile west of PTH 250. North quarter has 84 acres broke the balance is for pasture. The south quarter is setup for pasture, fenced and a year round water supply. Presently there is a Habitat Conservation agreement registered on title effecting 60% of the lands. Tenants are on a one year lease agreements. This fantastic parcel is very natural with many ravins and untouched landscape. Tender closes on December 9th, 2020. Contact Sutton – Harrison Realty Kit Harrison. 204-721-1455 kith@sutton.com for tender packages.

Agent: Kit Harrison
Email: kith@sutton.com
Phone: 204.721.1455


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