Rubin Hoffmann

Rubin Hoffmann is a young, enthusiastic real estate professional, helping buyers and sellers in the Carberry, Brandon and surrounding areas. Rubin is bilingual; fluent in German and English languages. He immigrated to Canada from Germany in 2009 and learned English after arriving. Having survived the major cultural adjustment and language acquisition as a teenager, Rubin understands the challenges and stresses of moving and can relate well with newcomers and first time home buyers. Rubin also runs a small local business; Hoffmann Painting & Renovations. He is the eldest of 11 siblings and as such, is a natural leader and negotiator. 

Rubin Hoffmann ist ein junger, begeisterter Immobilien Makler der Käufer und Verkäufer in Carberry, Brandon und Umgebung hilft.  Rubin spricht zwei Sprachen; fliessend Deutsch und Englisch.  Im Jahr 2009 ist er von Deutschland nach Kanada eingewandert und lernte dann die englische Sprache.  Da er selbst die großen Aufgaben der Sprachaneignung und  kulturellen Änderungen schon in jungen Jahren gemeistert hat, versteht Rubin die Herausforderung und den Stress die ein Umzug mit sich bringt und kann sodurch die Neuankömmlige oder auch Leute, die Ihr erstes Haus kaufen, gut verstehen.  Rubin besitzt ausserdem ein kleines Unternehmen; Hoffmann Painting and Renovations. Er ist der älteste von 11 Geschwister und somit von Natur aus ein Anführer und Vermittler.

My Testimonials

We were glad we chose you as our realtor. You made buying a house so much easier and enjoyable. Great service, reliable and very friendly! Thank you for spending your time and all your effort. ~Florian & Elise Rutz

My husband, Ray, and I met Rubin Hoffman when we requested that he show a house that we were wanting to sell. Rubin arrived at the home well dressed and was very well spoken and personable. He introduced himself and shook our hands. As soon as we signed with Rubin, signs were posted, our house was on social media (professionally looking photos were taken) and an Open House was scheduled. Future forms of communication (emails, phone) were done professionally. Rubin took over full control of selling our house and we were soon successful in finding a buyer that would appreciate the home that we spent hours renovating. We wouldn’t hesitate in contacting Rubin to help us sell in the future.  ~Lorna Muirhead

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