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David Castellanos is a Colombian-Canadian who has enjoyed life in Brandon for over a decade. He first moved to Canada at the age of 13 with his mother. He lived in Vancouver and Toronto before moving to Brandon in 2009 to continue his position with the Canadian Armed Forces. David knows first-hand about the difficulties and challenges of relocating as well as the need for honest and reliable information to build a foundation in a new community. David’s goal is to provide clients with a sense of safety and comfort as they search for a new home. David owns multiple properties in the City of Brandon. He draws on his experience as a property owner to provide clients with the information they deserve. He offers services in English and Spanish. Outside of his work as a REALTOR®, David is committed to supporting youth in Brandon. He also enjoys spending time with his family.

David Castellanos Colombocanadiense quien ha disfrutado de la vida en Brandon por más de una década. El vinó a Canadá a la edad de 13 años Junto con su madre y vivió en las ciudades de Vancouver y Toronto previo a mudarse a Brandon en el año 2009 con motivo de su trabajo en las Fuerzas Armadas Canadiences. David conoce de primera mano los retos y dificultades que conlleva reubicarse y el requerimiento de información honesta y confiable para la construcción y fundación en una nueva comunidad. La principal meta de David es proveer al cliente un sentido de seguridad y comodidad durante el proceso de adquisición de un nuevo hogar. David es también propietario de en la Ciudad de Brandon y ofrece su propia experiencia como tal para brindarle al cliente la información que merece. David ofrece su servicio en inglés y en español. Adicional a su trabajo como Vendedor de bienes raíces, David reparte su tiempo entre la labor altruista de soportar adolescentes y disfrutar el tiempo con su familia.

My Testimonials

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David is an extremely hard working and honest agent. He took the time to walk us through the process and ensured we were kept informed. He respected us as the home owners with regards to showings and appointments. I hope we get to work with him again in the future. For your real estate needs you won’t regret calling David! ~ Happy Client

When my husband and I decided to buy a house, my best friend automatically recommended that we use David Castellanos as our realtor. When I called David to identify that we would like to use his services and that we were ready to put in an offer on a house, David went into action right away. David worked tirelessly and diligently, and within 48 hours, the selling clients had accepted our offer! As we were a couple who was located in a different province, that undoubtedly, made the viewing process challenging. David went above and beyond, at all hours of the
night, conducting multiple walk-throughs of the house, and engagements with the sellers. As this was also our first time buying a house, there was a lot of “unknown” that we had to navigate and understand – simply put, David made this process easy. He accepted our calls at all hours of the day, responded to email inquiries at all hours of the night, always working to  expeditiously answer our questions whenever they arose. Simply put, David is an outstanding realtor, who made a complicated process become seamless in the end. When it comes time that we will eventually have to sell the house in support of another move, we will absolutely utilize David and his services as our listing agent! Both my husband and I would wholeheartedly support and recommend David to any personnel being posted back to Shilo, and looking to buy a house. ~Happy Client

Firstly, I must say that my experience was a blessing. I am so happy first and foremost that I used David as my Realtor. The reason why I am so happy with my Realtor is because he put his client at the fore front. I was never rushed, he was very patient with us; even though we seem at times hard to please. Every time that we called David was there to serve us. He informed us on every process on the way, we never felt left out. It was never about having us choose a house, but the one that we fell in love with. David’s repetitive statement to us was. “I will not rush you guys, take your time, until you guys find the right house; because this is a big decision.”  ~ Happy Client

First off, we would both like to commend David for doing a spectacular job at making sure we go the best of what we were looking for while providing the upmost friendliest service we could have asked for. Upon our first meeting at viewing a house, he made us feel that he wasn’t going to “push” us into a sale, not like some realtors we have encountered at open houses. You could tell that he was going to listen and pay attention to our reactions. Though we ended up in a stressful situation with a super quick buy and sale, he did everything possible to ensure we were taken care of and reassured us that everything will be ok. His professional mannerisms and his eagerness for everything to work in our favor paid off. Super quick, reliable, and informative. Made us feel like we’ve been long life friends. Sutton truly is lucky to have him on their team! Thanks again for all your hard work David!  ~ Happy Client

My overall experience with David Castellanos was amazing! David was professional from start to finish and always made me feel like he had my best interest in mind. David definitely went above and beyond what was asked of him. An example would be when I was away out of town for work he would help check on the house making sure everything was perfect for the viewings. David made sure everything was done in a quick and timely manner helping get into my dream home faster than expected. I would 100% recommend David Castellanos to anyone buying or selling!  ~ Happy Client

La familia Alonzo, nos dirigimos a usted por este medio, para agradecerle sus servicios como corredor de bienes raices por su ayuda incondicional en ayudarnos a comprar nuestra casa. Gracias por siempre tener una respuesta para nuestras preguntas! Que fuerón muchas. Apreciamos su amabilidad, disponibilidad responsable, paciencia, tolerancia. La familia Alonzo le desea exitos en su trabajo, bendiciones que Dios le provea mas clientes para este nuevo año. ~ Happy Client

David did an excellent job as our realtor during the purchase of our home in Sprucewoods. He was extremely attentive and quick when responding to our numerous questions. He is extremely knowledgeable on homes in the area we were looking in, which helped us when making difficult decisions. He made himself available to us over the phone and in person when we needed him. Overall, David is a great realtor who helped put our minds at ease when buying a home during such a chaotic time. We would recommend David to any of our friends or family looking to buy in the Westman area.  ~ Happy Client

David was an absolute pleasure to work with. Day in and day out, he worked tirelessly to find a home that my wife and I would both love. He is extremely professional in all aspects; however, what stands out the most with David is how honest he is with advice, especially because we are first time home buyers. I along with my wife Sydney, would highly recommend that anybody looking to buy a new home give David a call. We wouldn’t have wanted to work with anyone except David Castellanos while buying our home.  ~ Happy Client

David Castellanos was an absolute joy to work with! He constantly monitored the market to help us find a home that met our very specific needs and was willing to arrange viewings in short notice to accommodate our busy/hectic schedules. His “no pressure” sales technique coupled with his genuine interest to find a house that was “right for us” made out first time home purchase an easy and stress free environment. Will recommend him to friends and family in the future.
 ~ Happy Client

Davis is absolutely wonderful to work with. It’s like having a friend on the “inside” that is working for you. He really cares about his client’s needs. He was extremely honest and up front, and was able to find us a great condo that fit right in our price range. He was extremely communicative and ready to answer any of our questions at all times. We will 100% recommend David.  ~ Happy Client

David provided exceptional service during our relocation. From house hunting to viewings to the purchase, he was always helpful and engaged. With a personal knowledge of the local market and experience, he is a great realtor. We are very happy in our new home and highly recommend David!  ~ Happy Client



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