Tanya Chuchmuch

Tanya Comes to us as an enthusiastic professional realtor who is only satisfied when her clients are satisfied. She has many years of negotiating experience and has spent time as a real estate paralegal which guided her towards her career in real estate. She lives in Rossburn, Manitoba and enjoys spending time with her family.

My Testimonials

We purchased a property in Angusville, MB and Tanya Chuchmuch from Sutton-Harrison was our Realtor. She was very helpful and knowledgeable about the property and all it’s assets. She was also prompt and made our experience very rewarding.  ~ Brenda Pushka


I am so very happy to have my home sold in Rossburn after being for sale for 3 years. Tanya Chuchmuch took over the listing this Spring and within 2 months she had it sold at a price I was ever so pleased with. She was in contact with me every step she took and I felt very confident in her work for me. The buyer was pre- approved so there were no delays.
Living 3 provinces away should have been awkward but was definitely the opposite. If you, or anyone you know is wanting to sell their home (or buy one) I would strongly recommend you contact Tanya. She is a real Real Estate Professional. Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. ~ Val Bray

Tanya is the absolute best; she is patient, knowledgeable and carries herself with the utmost professionalism. She was SO helpful and kind through our entire process – it was an absolute pleasure to be her clients.

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